Here is the advice I gave a friend about a year ago. (I’ve added in a couple of comments for this post). You might be drawn by a special offer at a larger hotel, or be prepared to stay out a little.

For hotels in Barcelona…there are quite a few in our immediate area (Near L’Arc de Triomf). I guess you can check for deals on or similar sites, but you also can get good deals if you go directly to the website. It really depends on what you are looking for and what you want to pay.

Recently opened:

Casa Bonay  (looks very cool) – Voted top hotel in Barcelona in 2016 by Wallflower.

In expansion:

Yurbban hotel. They are opening the Yurban Passage, a new hotel alongside the original building in June 2017.

Hotel Chains:

Catalonia Born – just a short distance from L’Arc de Triomf

NH Podium – just a block from Passeig Sant Joan and L’Arc de Triomf

KK Hotel Picasso  (probably quite pricey) but great location in el Born district with views over the park.

Less stars but good quality:

Hotel Constanza  – on Career Bruc, a little closer to the centre.

Boutique style Hotels:

Vasanta – just a block down from Gran Via on Career Casp. Antonio Gaudi designed building across the street.

ANBA deluxe bed and breakfast


If you decide to look at apartments:

Friendly Rentals have their operating base a few minutes from our place and I know people who have booked through them before.

There are now many many hotels in Barcelona. The Catalonia Hotel group has over 20 hotels in the city.

In the end my friends ended up staying in another place where they got a good deal. Mixed reviews (two groups of friends stayed) but as always, it depends on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.