Fiestas and traditions make Barcelona different from other cities. Whether you watch a correo foc or see the castellers building their human towers, the magic will remain. Els gegants or las sardanas, the music and the atmosphere will capture your attention.

Sant Jordi – 23 April

Unforgettable day where the city is flooded with books and roses. Tradition dictates that you should give your loved ones books and roses – gender differences now forgotten and on every street corner you will find people selling roses or books. Authors happily sign copies of their books as book sellers offer 10% discount and sell more books than at Christmas.Roses - Sant Jordi

Fighting your way through the crowds to get that book you have been waiting to buy may be all to much, but the atmosphere is special and there are many events in the days leading up to Sant Jordi.


Sant Joan – 23/24 June

This holiday marks the beginning of summer and is celebrated in Barcelona and across Catalunya. Many people head to the beach for their first swim of the season and to enjoy a bonfire.


Grec summer festival

A full calendar of theatre and concerts held over the summer months. Well worth booking in advance for events in the Grec Theatre in Montjuic and concerts held en La Plaza del Rei.


Summer festivals in neighbourhoods

The festivals of Gracia in mid August are now well known to visitors. Every year people crowd the narrow streets to enjoy music and a party atmosphere.

Similar festivals occur in different neighbourhoods around Barcelona, but they are usually off the radar of tourists. You might just chance on one wandering the streets – the giants, the neighbourhood band, or even a Corre Foc (fire run…with people dressed up as devils and dragons breathing fire).



La Merce 24 September

Mercedes is the patron saint of Barcelona. The event is marked by alot of activities over three or four days leading up to the Saint’s day. Highlights include the Corre For up las Ramblas, the fireworks displays, the human castles in Plaza Sant Jaume and lots of music in and around the Barrio Gótico.