On holiday? Looking for adventure? Skateboarding, electric scooter, e-bike, push bike, rickshaw, sidecar, go-car, segway … and many more options are available. If you don’t see yourself on a long board dodging pedestrians, make sure you watch out for others when walking the streets. This is particularly true when you head down to the beach or walk around the old port. And if you want to see skateboarders in action, take a walk past the contemporary art museum, Macba, just five minutes from Plaza Catalunya.

Ten years ago, bike tours were a novelty. Nowadays there are many companies offering tours for small or large groups. You can also rent bicycles and make use of the bike lanes available as this can be a fun way to explore the city, but sometimes it is chaotic. The city looks flat, but it isn’t so ebikes are gaining in popularity. Ride further, faster.

Barcelona is a compact city, so a combination of walking, public transport and taxis is ideal for most people. Taxis can be flagged down easily at most times of the day on the main streets. There is a four person limit for most cars, so not the best solution for groups of five. Uber has run into problems with its expansion in Spain, but there are a number of virtual operators. For the present the official taxis rule and mostly run an efficient service.

If you have always fancied exploring a Mediterranean city on a vespa, then you could try Vespa Soul or one of the other rental companies. If you want a similar experience with a guide, then try the sidecar tours. Go-car has been offering its mini car audio tours for some years now.

To get up high you could take the cable car to Montjuic (from Parallel metro station). You have the option of just taking the cable car up the mountain or the gondola lift that goes up to the Castle at the top of Montjuic. Alternatively turn left when you exit the cable car and walk to the Miramar Mirador (harbour lookout). Here you can take the aerial cable car that crosses from Montjuic to the Sea.

On the other side of the city is the mountain of Tibidabo. There is a Cable Car that goes up to Valvidrera which is connected to the Ferrocarrils that run from Plaza Catalunya. You can also take the line that goes to Tibidabo and in the summer months crowd into the old tranvía blau (blue tram) which goes up to an area of bars and restaurants with fantastic views over the city. If you are drawn by the church at the top of Tibidabo and the adjoining amusement park, you will find another cable car that takes you up to the top.

An afternoon sailing along the coast, or a motorised cruise gives you a completely different perspective of the city. If paddle boarding or kayaking is more your thing, these can be hired near the Hotel W at the end of Barceloneta, and at a few other points along the Barcelona beach front.