Walking tours – discovering Barcelona through Detour

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Detour App is taking Audio Tours to a new level and visitors to Barcelona can now choose from seven or eight different tours.

There is something unique about the Detour experience. Have you ever listened to a radio play? Imagine a radio play that is set in the streets of the city that you are visiting. The plot unfolds as you move around, following the route that has been set down. With your smartphone in your pocket and headphones on your ears you head to the starting point and your audio guide will lead on from there.

The phone picks up the GPS coordinates and the audio guide is triggered as you reach each point on the tour. Unfortunately I had a few issues with the application on the Carmen Amaya tour through Barceloneta, but with a little bit of patience I was able to skip to the next section when necessary and successfully complete the tour.

What is unique about the experience is that you feel involved in the story. You need to do something for the story to unfold – this is not like watching a series on television or listening to a podcast. You interact with your surroundings – as you are constantly given visual references, and you are taken back in time. These are streets that I know, but I discover things I never knew before. I remember having lunch at a chiringuito on the beach in Barceloneta in the 80s, prior to the changes that came with the Olympic makeover, but I had little idea about the Barceloneta of the past.

I took the tour in the afternoon. A little hot in the summer sun, but plenty of shade in the streets. Recommended to locals and visitors alike.